✼ The Salty Soul Story

➵ The Dream

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Our Story began way back when being born into the mid 80’s surrounded by big hair free love and bold fashion statements being the norm was i magical start to life for me and growing up with a mum who adored getting creative and exploring everything nature has to offer along with her love of shopping shop her beautiful little heart out, set the scene and

paved the way for my passion for all things inspiring by the mother nature’s free loving beach vibes, gypsy styled, never endless summer‘s and happy care free boho fashion.

Moving from my motherland NZ and growing up in Western Australia near the beaches of the long blue skylines where the oceans kiss d the skyline and spent all Summer long exploring the beaches.  My first move out of home was Interstate to the sunshine state QLD, where I soaked up the year round golden glows and the sunshine for days and the laid back lifestyle that came with it. 

I have always loved getting creative in almost every aspect fashion, writing, photography, styling events, decor, painting. I longed for the day I would be able to combine all these into one and be an inspiration and pushing the boundaries of standard and in 2016 I woke for a dream.

 She awakened the colorful garden of her mind with the dream of a raw soulful business and a search for all things mystical for all earths goddesses to glow and grow with and shining ever so bright like the beauty filled sunshine's ray's, empower all the magical souls and wander filled loving mermaids to find themselves dripping in treasures.   

Everyone's aura glows so bright with vibes from within, living in this mystical and mysterious world feeling free, we have found and created treasured gifts from mother nature for you to love and express your inner goddess.  

With natures miracles we treat every naturally raw stones, mesmerizing minerals, desirable diamonds and breath taking soul filled sea shell ever so delicately and with unconditional love, this is what makes Salty Soul The Collective the wonder filled inspiring business it is.  

Whether it is through the unique hand-crafted pieces or the raw natural stones we have made these just for all you goddesses to lustfully enjoy with impeccable detailing and made with the softest love and care from us.  

Jewels for all the gorgeous gypsy's, beauty filled boho babes, mystical mermaid's, beachy loving salty souls, golden goddesses and mother nature's wander filled wilderness child within us, letting our souls shine so bright like a sea of sparkling stars, indulging in mother earth’s magical creations and wearing soulful visions of nature’s artistic gifts providing the free-spirit goddesses within us to love in colour, while leaving only delicate bare foot prints in the glittering mid nights sands.     


A wander-filled moment embracing our beautiful west coast sunrise, this was just the beginning.

A wander-filled moment embracing our beautiful west coast sunrise, this was just the beginning.