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✬ How to care for your jewellery

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Caring for my Sterling Silver

Here are some beautiful handy facts about the ever popular sterling silver jewellery and why it is so important to love and care for your precious pieces. Between its luxlustering brilliance and its amazing versatility, it’s so easy to see why using sterling silver for making jewellery is the world’s most sort after mineral.

Being aware of how we are needing to love and care for our precious pieces will keep your jewellery looking as beautiful as the day you took it home and called it yours. Unfortunately some souls tend to neglect all the beautiful sterling silver for one simple and annoying reason called: tarnish. When oxygen or sulfur come into contact with the beautiful Sterling Silver, this then causes an imbalance. 

With our care for me guide, caring for your unique yet beautiful Sterling Silver jewellery is very simple. All you need is some very handy facts about the Sterling Silver and some household tricks for you to be able to care for and clean with ease. With our Salty Souls The Collective care guide, you’ll be ready to wear your fabulous sterling silver pieces like you are born for it.

Care guide


2. Start with rubbing your beautiful Sterling Silver with a sterling silver polish cloth with your fingers. Please try not to use too much force with thinner styles of Sterling Silver.

3. Avoid rubbing the polish cloth on gemstones or shell. The polish cloth is treated with a chemical cleaner that can be harmful to stones.

4. Although polishing your jewellery with a cloth may take a little more time, we believe it is worth it and will ensure the longevity of your jewellery. 

5. Store all sterling silver jewellery in sealed plastic bags. Exposure to oxygen causes the silver to tarnish. 

6. Clean your jewellery regularly. It will be much easier to clean if you do not let the tarnish build up. 

7. Take your jewellery off when you are cooking or showering. Acidic foods and chemicals can be harmful to both sterling silver and gemstones.

Caring for your unique yet beautiful 925 Sterling Silver by following our care for me guide, your jewellery will last a lifetime.

925 sterling silver

I have sensitive ears, can I wear your earrings?

All of our earring posts are made with hypoallergenic sterling silver posts. That being said everyone reacts differently to different metals. We suggest sticking with sterling silver if you have sensitive ears. If you decide to pick a gold pair we suggest selecting either a gold vermeil pair or ensuring to remove your earrings before bedtime. 

Will your rings make my fingers turn green?

No, our rings will not turn your fingers green. That being said everyone does react differently to metal. 

Green fingers however are usually the result of bronze rings which we do not use this material, we use only pure 925 solid sterling silver for all our jewellery.